Weirdest World Records on Record

Largest Collection of Garden Gnomes You know those cute—and sometimes creepy—creatures that stand guard in


7 Events That Happened on February 29th

1916 Marked an important shift in child labor legislation in South Carolina. The minimum working age for


5 Reasons Leonardo DiCaprio Should Finally Get an Oscar

He’s Never Won Before Leo has been acting for over 20 years and has been nominated before, 5 times to be


6 Signs you’re in the Right Job

Happy Monday The weekend has ended, and you are actually happy to get up on Monday morning? The sun is shining


Human Dysmorphia, the Strangest Plastic Surgeries Out There

Elf Ears Actually, cosmetic ear surgery is not that uncommon, and is even conducted on children. The most


World’s Most Bizarre Sports

Dog Surfing This sport is not practiced by human beings, but by their best friends, canines. The first dog


Look, No Hands: Vehicles of the Future

Hoverboard Back in 1989, Robert Zemeckis, creator of the Back to the Future trilogy, knew that one day


8 Best Sidekicks of All Times

Olaf – Frozen Arendelle’s snowman who loves warm hugs, and the idea of summer. He will always be remembered


Our Favorite Rich Fictional Characters

Charles Montgomery Burns Mr. Burns is undoubtedly one of the best villains of all times. Monty, as he is


The Ultimate Ranking of Quentin Tarantino’s Films

Reservoir Dogs & Pulp Fiction The throne is shared by the two definitive classics. While many will


Top Holiday Destinations for 2015/2016

Hiking in Nature Most of exotic travel locations aren’t the kind of places you’d   want to go to for just


5 Holiday Gifts Your Coworkers will Love Getting

Designer Phone Case Our smartphone has become our most precious possession. Everywhere we go, it is there


The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Book / Film Series If you have a book worm or a movie buff amongst your loved ones, gifting them with their


5 Types of People Who Benefit From Black Friday

Psychologists After surviving the massively over-packed national shopping day, both shoppers and vendors will


5 Awesome Workplace Happy Hour Themes

Having fun at your job is an essential part of having a fruitful work environment. After a long hard week at the


7 Weirdest Jobs around the Globe

How cool is it to truly enjoy your line of work?! At a time when most people go about their daily jobs,  only to


7 Most Interesting Culinary Destinations

It’s that time in the day, your stomach starts to growl but you don’t know what you’re in the mood for.


5 TV Shows That Will Make You Want to Work In an Office

After getting home from a long day at work, all you want to do is to stop thinking about the office. You probably


5 Most Profitable Films of All Times

The film industry: A magical workplace where dreams come true. So much has been written about it, so many wish to


2015’s Highest-Paid Models

They’re beautiful, they’re successful, and you see their faces everywhere. These are the highest paid models


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