CES 2017 Marks the Rise of AI

2:32 pm
3 Brooke Stevens
CES 2017 has AI written all over it, and the main star of this years’ show seems to be no other than Amazon’s Alexa.

The Consumer Electronics Show, or as most of us know it – CES, is a must-know phenomenon for anyone who’s in the least bit passionate about technology. The long-running exhibition, takes place in Las Vegas on a yearly basis, and has become one of the hottest places to introduce and be introduced to new, cutting-edge tech products.

This year’s CES, which is coming to its sad yet inevitable end today, was largely dominated by Artificial Intelligence. AI has become an increasingly-popular field in the past year, be it in the form of smart personal assistants or self-driving vehicles. If 2015 was the year that coined the term Internet of Things, then 2016 was the year in which this dream began to materialize into reality, much thanks to AI devices. This trend, which is definitely here to stay, has manifested itself in 2017’s show.

Lynx Robot
Photo by: techwireasia.com

Undoubtedly, the AI star of this year’s exhibition was Amazon’s Echo, often referred to in the name of its default female persona, Alexa. The highly-sold smart speaker has already been involved in its share of controversy last year. This time, however, the attention it’s getting is highly positive. Alexa shined bright like a diamond in this year’s CES, and amazingly enough, it didn’t even need the active efforts of its manufacturer to do it. The impressive variety of Alexa-compatible products presented by other companies was enough to do the trick.

To make the company’s cooperative approach regarding its personal assistant official, Amazon’s VP of Echo and Alexa, Mike George, announced its integration with LG home appliances on Wednesday. George gave a speech at LG’s CES press conference, revealing that Alexa can now connect with a remarkable number of more than 7000 different services and products. The e-commerce giant’s decision to make its AI assistant open to new skills seems to be doing a remarkably swell job in turning Alexa into an even greater success. This years’ CES featured an Alexa-compatible self-driving car by Hyundai, an Alexa-compatible smartphone by Huawei, and other Alexa-compatible products such as robots, air purifiers and refrigerators. If that’s not what success looks like, we really have no idea what is.

Changhong's H2
Photo by: digitaltrends.com

A few other interesting and innovative products were introduced in CES 2017. This year’s exhibition introduced the tech-loving public with other cool gadgets, such as Lego Boost – an app-accompanied Lego kit, teaching kids the basics of coding through play; Honda’s AI riding assistant, which self-balances the motorcycle without any human assistance; and Changhong’s H2, the first molecular-sensing smartphone, able to detect the chemical composition of any object by a simple scan.

Ultimately, it seems that the annual tech festival continues to be all the rage among geeks around the globe for a good reason. Always equipped with all that’s new and exciting in technology, CES is a living proof that the future is already here. All you have to do is wake up and smell the artificial roses.



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