5 Chrome Extensions That You Never Knew Existed

3:35 pm
4 Brooke Stevens
You wouldn’t believe what useful, strange, and funny Google Chrome extensions exist. Here are 5 of the best Chrome extensions out there!

The Groupie Extension

The first Chrome extension on our list is a purely-fun, non-practical one. All you Ryan Gosling fans out there (yes, we’re talking about you): You’re going to have a field trip with this one. By simply adding the Hey Girl extension, all images in the page you are browsing will automatically be replaced with images of Hollywood’s heartthrob. This wonderful, groupie-tailored extension is going to make any ordinary browsing into a pleasurable Goslingian experience.

Wanna try it? You can get Hey Girl right here.

Hey Girl Extension
Screenshot: chrome.google.com

The Classy Stocker Extension

In the age of social media, stocking others online has become an increasingly popular activity. If you are an avid stocking fan, and you’re tired of doing all the dirty work yourself – this spectacularly questionable extension is just for you. With Discoverly, you’ll be able to receive details regarding a certain user’s different social media accounts by viewing just one of them. For instance: looking at someone’s Facebook account will automatically present their LinkedIn information, your mutual connections and their tweets. Many other options are possible with this extension, which allows you to get to know other people without their knowledge in a faster, effortless manner.

Wanna try it? You can get Discoverly right here.

Discoverly Extension
Screenshot: chrome.google.com

The Moustache-Chic Extension

Do you have a strange affection for moustaches? First, we don’t judge. And second, we have just the Chrome extension you need. With New Mustachio, a random (yet endearing) black moustache will be automatically added to every photo you are looking at online. We really don’t know what else we can say to describe this beautifully esoteric extension – so you might as well just try it yourselves.

Wanna try it? You can get New Mustachio right here.

Mustachio Extension
Screenshot: chrome.google.com

The Attention-Obsessed Extension

Have you ever dreamed of being notified whenever someone decides to delete you off their Facebook friends list? Unfriend Notify for Facebook will give you just that. If you are one to look reality straight in the face(book) – simply login to your Facebook account, and this extension will tell you if anyone happens to unfriend you. It may not be the most love-inspiring tool in the world, but hey – love is overrated! It’s more important that you know who to gracefully ignore the next time you happen to run into them in the middle of the street.

Wanna try it? You can get Unfriend Notify for Facebook right here.

Unfriend Notify Extension
Screenshot: chrome.google.com

The Gender-Challenging Extension

Last but not least is the only Chrome extension on our list that’s fighting the good fight of gender equality. Jailbreak the Patriarchy, whose description boldly announces it “genderswaps your view of the web,” will elegantly replace all the male pronouns with female ones, and vice versa. For example: a sentence like “he wanted her to love him” will magically appear as “she wanted him to love her.”  This may not help directly to promote the fight for gender-equality, but, as the extension’s description says: it “makes reading stuff on the internet a pretty fascinating and eye-opening experience.” If you’re interested in getting a temporary mirror image of the world – this extension is your guy! Or, wait – maybe it’s your girl.

Wanna get it? You can get Jailbreak the Patriarchy right here.

Jailbreak the Patriarchy Extension
Screenshot: chrome.google.com



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