Lego Goes Toy Story with Its New Lego Boost Kit

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1 Brooke Stevens
Lego’s future product will offer kids the ability to experiment with coding in a playful, user-friendly manner.

Ever dreamed of your toys coming to life?

Lego’s new learn-through-play set, to be released in the second half of 2017, is going to give its players exactly that. The famous toy company has just announced the future-launch of Lego Boost, whose 160$ price appears to be worth every penny. “We know that children dream of bringing their Lego creations to life,” said Simon Kent, Lego Boost’s lead designer. According to Kent, the company’s ambition is for its upcoming product “to fulfill that wish.” The kit, playfully presenting children with the basics of coding, is presented this week at CES in Las Vegas.

The ability to create Lego-based robots is not new. Lego players have already been doing it for years with the company’s Lego Mindstorms kit. However, Boost is different for two main reasons: First, unlike the Mindstorms kit, which can be used only with Lego Technic pieces – it can be combined with practically any existing Lego kit you already have – and turn it into a high-tech, robotic playing experience. Second, it’s a lot simpler to operate, and is therefore meant for kids in the ages of 7 and up. According to Simon Kent, Lego Boost’s lead designer, kids won’t be required to “code from scratch” – as the new set is “much easier than Mindstorms.”

Lego Boost Cat
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In order to play with Lego Boost, one has to first download the companion Boost app, which is available in either iOS or Android. The app is necessary for playing because it contains both the instructions and the system used to program and operate the Boost constructs. The kit enables the building and programming of 5 different models: Vernie the Robot, Frankie the Cat, the Guitar 4000, the Multi-Tool Rover 4 and the Autobuilder. According to Lego, other than these 5 pre-planned constructions, kids will be able to use the kit in order to build their own creative Lego constructs and bring them to life as well.

This future product, which also comes with 843 pieces and a playmat, is remarkable news for new and old Lego players alike. It brings a breath of fresh air to an already-explored domain of tech-inspired children’s games, and truly allows kids and adults to experience a primary, playful encounter with the field of coding. Who knows? Lego may just be helping to educate a new generation of future programmers.

Lego Boost Robot
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