Drop Dead Gorgeous: Britney Spears Victimized by Sony Twitter Hack

11:08 am
1 Brooke Stevens
Words can kill. Well – almost. Britney Spears can vouch for that.

No one likes to be told what to do, especially when it comes to online activity. But when the rules of the internet are broken – results can be destructive. The recent Sony Music Twitter hack was a live demonstration of that. 2016 has already taken more great artists than we can count, but it seems like someone on the internet really doesn’t want this celebrity-death ridden year to be over just yet. Sony Music’s Twitter account have assumingly been hacked on Monday, and false tweets reporting singer Britney Spears death were sent out from it. The first tweet read “RIP @britneyspears #RIPBritney 1981-2016,” and was soon followed by a second one of the same nature.

The entertainment company was quick to remove the alarming tweets, expressing its apology to Spears and her concerned fans, but refused to provide further comments on the matter. The pop star’s manager, Adam Leber, has reassured fans that Spears is “fine and well” in an interview with CNN.

Britney Spears

Folk singer Bob Dylan may have also been a victim of the Twitter hack. A tweet reading “Rest in peace @brtineyspears” was sent from his account around the same time. Dylan, who recently won a Noble Prize, is a Sony artist himself. His tweet was also deleted soon after it was posted, leaving the identity of its writer unknown.

According to reports, Hacker group OurMine took responsibility for the false tweets in a few tweets of its own.

Unfortunately for Sony, this is not its first internet hack in recent years. The company’s entertainment unit, Sony Pictures Entertainment, was the victim of a different hack of much greater proportions back in 2014. The hack resulted in unreleased films and the leak of private Hollywood emails and movie script.

Nevertheless, the current incident could be concluded with “all well that ends well,” for Sony, for Britney, and everyone else involved. Well, as long as 2016 decide to spare us of its fury in the few days left for it, that is.



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