BDB’s Magical Christmas Expedition

1:26 pm
1 Brooke Stevens
It’s Christmas time at BDB, and all of Santa’s presents are buried under the snow!

In case you haven’t been keeping track of our festive Christmas promotion, now is the time to catch up.

As of Thursday, we’ve embarked on a magical Christmas Expedition. As part of The Gift of Trading-Power,  we’re giving all of our gifted traders a shot at winning amazing Christmas presents, simply by trading on our platform. As part of the special holiday promotion, our traders automatically collect lifting-power for every trade they make on BDB’s platform – so they can later user it to try to pull Christmas presents out of the snow. If you happen to feel a little dazzled by the all magic, sit back, and let us fill you in on the details:

The Gift of Trading Power

It all started on an exceptionally-snowy afternoon in faraway Elf-Ville. BDB’s elves were working in Santa’s factory, making and wrapping magical Christmas presents with the utmost industriousness, when a great snowstorm broke out. All the thoughtfully-made presents flew in the powerful wind, and got buried under piles of snow!

What are simple elves to do when caught in such a Christmas pickle?

Why, the answer is as clear as a snowflake! Turn to BDB’s gifted traders.

All our traders need to do to retrieve the lost presents, is trade on BDB’s platform, gain magical lifting-power, and help us pull out gift-boxes out of the snow. As a reward for their hard work, whoever pulls out a gift-box that contains a present – gets to keep it!

BDB’s holiday promotion holds special events such as tomorrow’s Double Strength Day (December 27th). Normally, every $1 traded during the days of our Christmas expedition = 1 KG of lifting-power. But on Double Strength Day, 1$ traded = 2 KG of lifting-power! All the more reason to trade, gain power, and increase your chance at winning some of the most enchanted Christmas gifts out there.

Want to participate?

Visit our promo page and join the expedition!

Merry Christmas!