Twitter’s Brain Drain Seems Unstoppable

7:46 am
0 Ariel Andersen
Another Twitter executive has announced his departure, which sent the company's stock value down by 5%

The popular social media company, Twitter, experiences yet another blow to its stability as another key position personal announces his resignation. Twitter’s long-time Chief Technology Officer, Adam Messinger, has announced his departure from the company, which is yet another blow to the social media company’s top ranks since it comes merely weeks after its Chief Operating Officer, Adam Bain, had stepped down.

The ongoing instability along with Messinger’s departure from Twitter has caused the company’s stock value to drop by nearly 5% as the share has traded down -1.17% after market hours. Since the beginning of 2016, Twitter has lost six of its ten executives, which has analysts worry about the company’s relevance in the business world.

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Naturally, Twitter’s ongoing brain drain puts the company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, in an uncomfortable position, to say the least, as he is not too squeamish about making a slew of changes. In addition, Twitter’s sales growth is set to fall into the single digits, as its recent attempts to find a buyer have apparently gone nowhere.

Can Twitter somehow reinvent itself and rise from its current situation? Only time will tell. However, the popular social media platform does remain relevant for a crowd of devoted users; among these are individuals from the world’s entertainment industry and many politicians who use their social media account to voice out their thoughts and opinions.


Twitter is an exceedingly popular social networking website. Users may post and read short 140-character status updates, known as “tweets.” With only 3,300 employees, the company generates $660 million per year, and will likely see an increase in revenue in the coming years as Twitter expands its advertising services.