Will Facebook’s New Color Feature Make You Post?

1:12 pm
1 Brooke Stevens
Facebook tries to fight the decrease in original content by adding a test color feature to posts.

Since Facebook was founded, back in 2004, the company always knew what to do to keep its users on their toes. Many new features, sophisticated options as well as more and less necessary extensions have been added and removed from the platform throughout the years. The ever-popular social media platform has witnessed numerous changes in structure. From the birth of the “timeline” concept for user profiles, through emotion-inspired likes, to the broadcast of live videos. But, one element remained constant: text. As much as the platform’s recent focus on videos may suggest otherwise, its new feature proves that Facebook has not lost its appreciation and respect for the written word.

Facebook Color
Photo by: techcrunch.com

Starting this week, Facebook will enable some of its users to color their worlds (or words) red, blue, yellow, or whichever of the suggested background options their heart desires! The new feature will be available, as a start, for the coming weeks and only to Android users – but the colored posts will be viewable to all users. If all goes according to the company’s plan, this extremely simple-sounding feature should divert the focus away from increasing shares of external content, and back to the loving arms of original, authentic status updates. Remember the good old days, when Facebook’s news feed was filled with people’s rants, check-ins and breakfast choices? Where has all the bad poetry gone to? And why is it that no one keeps us posted with their Friday night’s adventures anymore? Well, Facebook aims to help retrieve the glory of status-updates – and there’s going to be a lot of color involved.

Though no one in the successful social media network likes to talk about it, statistics show that Facebook experiences a significant decline of 21% in the publication of personal status updates, as of mid-2015. That’s no small percentage. The company has already started fighting the negative trend via the use of the “Big Text” feature, honoring short status-updates with a larger font, helping them stand out over others. But, as that apparently wasn’t enough, Facebook has now pulled out its big, colorful guns.

Although it continuously makes sure to get with the times, constantly changing and offering new media-sharing channels – it seems that Facebook did not forget where it came from. The social media giant appears to know that videos and sponsored ads may come and go – but text remains forever (well, at least until the mind-reading feature enters the picture). Hopefully, the new background color feature will help its users remember that as well.


Founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his Harvard buddies, Facebook today is the largest and wealthiest social networking site in the world. Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, the company is continually adding features to its site which are dramatically revolutionizing the way we communicate.