5 Startups That Will Change the Way You Travel

11:10 am
2 Rob Ashley
Going on vacation means making some decisions such as where to go, where to buy tickets and what to do when you get there. Luckily, there are startups that can find answers to these questions for you.

The internet has changed the way we travel. No longer do we call a travel agent, or go over colorful brochures when we plan our vacations. Now we can compare prices online and set up an entire vacation from our cellphones. However, there’s always room for improvement. Here are 5 innovative startups that will change the way you plan your vacation in this festive season.

Travel App

Wander – For Those Ready for Adventure

Sometimes you just want to go out to the world. The destination may not matter as much as simply going on vacation. Here enters Wander. All you need to do is put your port of origin, the dates you wish to go on vacation and your planned budget, Wander will give you all the options to travel within your budget, including airline fares, hotels and general expenses. You can then choose a destination, and just go out on your adventure.

Hopper – For Those Who Want Assurances

Hooper simplifies the flight booking process by predicting changes in flight prices. Once you schedule a flight in your itinerary, you’ll be given the option to “buy” if this is the best possible rate, or “wait” if the rate is likely to come down in the future. This nifty money-saving tool has been lauded as one of the best travel apps of 2016 by Apple.

Traveling with Phone

Options Away – For Those Who Need Time to Decide

Have you ever searched for a holiday flight and found that the price skyrocketed by the time you made your booking? Well, worry no more. Options Away offers a service that holds the price, for a small fee. This means that even when the holiday travel rush comes around and the prices rise, you still pay the price you locked in. The startup works in association with several travel sites and provides the service on selected flights.

Headout – For Those Who Want Action

Finding a destination is one thing, but finding interesting things to do there is an entirely different type of “headache.” Headout connects you instantly to local experts and discounted activities via text message. With the service, you can instantly find the most interesting activities in a given city. The service is currently limited to only a handful of popular travel destinations, but the company has plans to expand to 30 countries in 2017.

Taking it in

TRVL – For Those Who Want to Profit From Travel

TRVL brings the power of peer-to-peer to travel. Every user of the site is both a traveler and an agent, so your tips and recommendations can help others plan their trip. And, you get to receive a commission, just like a travel agent would. On the other hand, you can use the service to let your well-travelled friends and family plan your next vacation for you, and get them a nice commission for their trouble.