5 Must-Have Gadgets for Coffee Addicts

1:22 pm
0 Brooke Stevens
As Starbucks’ CEO decided to part with his coffee, we've collected 5 gadgets to help you sustain your relationship with yours.

Starbucks’ CEO, Howard Schultz, has just declared his second-time stepping down. For anyone who wasn’t around the first time: it was quite an epic fail. Schultz eventually had to come back to his role, as his leave caused substantial financial damage to the popular coffeehouse chain. Flash-forward sixteen years later: Schultz now feels “emotionally prepared” to officially pass the CEO torch to Kevin Johnson, current President and COO.
Schultz may be emotionally prepared to say goodbye to his coffee, but we still feel very much attached to ours. Feel the same way? In case you were wondering what to buy in order to express your undying commitment – here are 5 coffee-gadgets to help you keep the flame.


Starbucks has chains in over 65 countries, and is widely considered the largest coffeehouse company in the world. Founded in 1971, the coffee giant today specializes in coffee, tea, and pastries. Starbucks is a trusted name in coffee and has expanded rapidly into emerging markets, continually offering new beverages.


Instant Coffee Chiller

If you like your coffee cold but don’t feel like waiting for it to cool down or overflowing it with watery ice-cubes, this one’s for you. This awesome device will make your fresh hot coffee straight into an icy one in only one minute, using a double-layered stainless-steel wrap, which contains ice. The (literally) cool thing is – the ice doesn’t physically touch or gets into your coffee; it only surrounds it on all sides, making it chill incredibly fast.

Iced Coffee Maker
Photo By: hyperchiller.com

Microwave Espresso-Maker

More for the crowd of impatient coffee-lovers. If you’re short on time and low on energy – this tiny-but-useful device is just what you need. This single-cup microwave espresso-maker allows one to make their coffee in only 30 seconds, avoiding any dependency of annoying external factors such as the availability and speed (or lack thereof) of your office espresso machine. So, go forth and make coffee!

Suitcase-Suited Cup-Holder

Can’t part with your coffee even while you travel? Here’s a coffee-gadget for you: a cup-holder that fits right into your suitcase-handle. If you’re a true coffee-addict who travels often, there’s no way you haven’t encountered the unfortunate not-enough-hands situation: for how can one hold their coffee cup without their coffee spilling while managing to drag their suitcase along, all the while maintaining their balance? This cup-holder is the perfect solution for this problem.

Luggage Cup Holder
Photo by: tatler.com

Heat-Sensitive Coffee Mug

Love your coffee scolding-hot, but afraid to get your tongue burned? Here’s a gadget you simply must have. This is how it works: first fill the mug with hot coffee, and watch the bar turns red as you continue to pour. Now, here comes the hard part: wait. Soon enough you’ll start seeing the bar going back-to-black, which would signify your coffee’s getting close to drinking temperature. When the bar turns fully-black – you’ll know it’s time to drink.


Last but not least, the ultimate fantasy of any coffee-lover: a coffee faucet! Well, at least, that’s what it looks like. This coffee-making machine is hidden almost entirely underneath a cabinet, except for the most important part: its tap. We know they say that looks aren’t everything in life, but in this case, well, they’re just wrong. What’s greater than a faucet that has coffee coming out of it instead of water? We are definitely sold.


Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia and Colombia account for the overwhelming majority of the world’s coffee supply. Prices can be volatile and are affected by political turmoil in the countries that produce it, weather, yield speculation, and also the price of oil, as this impacts transportation costs.