The Five Stages of Black Friday Shopping

2:09 pm
0 Rob Ashley
We all go through these stages every year during Black Friday. Don’t worry, it’s normal when facing such good deals.


Every year, you tell yourself that this time, you won’t even bother with Black Friday. “There are sales all the time,” you tell your friends and family. “I don’t really need anything,” you mutter under your breath as you browse the latest offers. “I can’t afford a shopping spree, I’ll try next year,” you whine at your laptop as an ad for cheap electronics plays. You try to calm yourself down: Black Friday is a none-event, there’s no reason to make a big deal about it. You can sit this one out. This year, surely, you’ll be able to avoid spending.



You are steadfast in your decision to avoid Black Friday. Someone needs to tell that to your browser, though, because there are ads of sales everywhere. Thinking there is no harm in just looking, you surf your way to your favorite online shopping site. Well, these are pretty good prices. But no, you’re stronger than that. You should just call up a friend, do some socializing. Your friend is all for it. You meet up for coffee, but before you go in, your friend pulls you to a store, saying “I just need to buy one thing.”

Black Friday


At this point, your willpower is all but helpless, and you can’t resist the temptation. There are just too many amazing deals around you. The glowing halls of the nearest mall beckon to you, the colorful signs pronounce massive discount. You start a mental calculation: If you shop today, you won’t need to shop for the next two months, so obviously, you could budget just a few choice products, and get a good deal, right?

Shopper Cover

Giving In

“Just a few choice products,” and you end up with a shopping cart of goodies. But you can’t help it. That shirt is almost half-off, and OH-MY-GOD! is that scarf really 95% off? That’s even before you get to the electronics department. By the time you get home, you have an itch that no scratching can ever sate. You sit in front of your laptop, credit card in hand, and buy everything that was ever on your wish list, until midnight strikes and you fall asleep on your keyboard.



As the sun rises, you look at your room, a messy monument for your consumerist binge. You pull yourself up in a daze, and survey your new trophies. After a tall drink of coffee, you start the long process of putting everything into place. As you do so, you find a few items from last year’s Black Friday, which still have their price tags attached. You feel the pang of regret. Maybe you overdid it. Maybe you should not have given in to all those lucrative, lucrative sales. Next year, you promise yourself as you stuff yet another garment to the back of your closet – next year, you won’t even bother with Black Friday.