5 Past Presidents Who Should Form a Boy-Band!

3:44 pm
0 Brooke Stevens
Ever wondered what a boy-band compiled of former presidents would look like?

Picture this: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Richard Nixon going on stage and preforming a number together. In honor of the recent US presidential elections, we’ve decided to collect a few presidents who could make up a perfect boy-band. Let’s give it up for 5 past presidents who could totally build a fantasy boy-band!

Barack Obama – Lead Singer

First on our list, soon to be ex-president, is Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Obama brings an exotic chocolate air to the normally-generic position of the lead singer. Proven himself to be a solid rock, uneasily shaken by occasional winds – Obama definitely has what it takes to keep this boy band together through any storm. Besides his unbeatable character – Obama has an affection for displaying his impressive vocal skills in surprising moments. After listening to him sing an Al Green song in the middle of a fundraising speech, we know for sure that this groovy singer does not suffer from stage fright. With a set of shiny teeth, and a raspy-yet-smooth Motown voice, Obama is sure to lead this boy-band into success.

Photo by: youtube.com

Bill Clinton – the Womanizer

All the way from Hope, Arkansas, let’s welcome young Mr. William Jefferson Clinton. There’s no doubt about it – Bill has an irresistible southern charm, which no woman can ignore. Being the womanizer that he is, dear ol’ Bill could hardly settle for just one woman; and so it goes, he did in fact “have sexual relations with that woman, miss Lewinsky.” Yet, America had found him as irresistible as we do, and the southern charmer finished his term with the highest end-of-office approval rating of any U.S. President since World War II. In the music department, Bill is an impressively skilled Saxophone player. While in elementary school, Clinton had momentarily considered dedicating his life to music; but eventually decided against it, as he understood he “would never be John Coltrane or Stan Getz.” Still, we love you just the way you are, Bill.

Photo by: today.com

Richard Nixon – the Bad Boy

Straight out of sunny California, here’s Mr. Richard Milhous Nixon. With the infamous Watergate scandal in his record, if this guy isn’t the perfect bad boy any teenage girl would swoon over – we really don’t know who is. A prefect addition to our presidential boy-band, Nixon puts all the other candidates in the left pocket of his leather jacket. This ex-president can play a tune on piano, saxophone, clarinet, accordion and violin. With remarkable proficiency in no less than 5 different musical instruments, we can be sure that Nixon has more to him than just his questionable charisma. Some may judge him for his past mistakes, but in our book – this is exactly what makes him perfect for the role. Richard, it’s all right, because we love the way you lie.

Photo by: yahoo.com

Tony Blair – the Handsome One

Every self-respecting boy-band needs an exceptionally handsome member, and we think we certainly got ours: no other than the lovely Mr. Antony Charles Lynton Blair. Although technically he never served as president, we decided that the Prime-Minister position was close enough; and made an exception for this blue-eyed British beauty. We’d be doing him wrong if we only praised his dazzling looks, as Blair has more to him than just that. A skilled guitarist and vocalist, Blair is the founder and former member of a college rock band named “Ugly Rumours,” and has a great affection for blues as well. Obama, if ever in need of any backing vocals – Tony’s your guy. Some of his favorite songs are Rock Around the Clock and Blueberry Hill, also, he’s reported to be a fan of the hard rock band, ACDC. We just hope he doesn’t get the other members jealous in getting all the girls’ attention.

Photo by: gq-magazine.co.uk

Stephen Harper – the Good Guy

Last but not least, we have another non-presidential member, accepted to our boy-band for his talent in playing the piano and his innocent-looking face. Every boy-band has to have an exceptionally good guy to balance out all hormones flooding the tour-van. This former Canadian Prime-Minister sure knows his way around the keyboards. Harper is reported to be a big ACDC and Beatles fan, and if ever in need of any inspiration, he can always turn to his impressive vinyl record collection. Harper makes sure to take care not only of his sweet face, but also the rest of his appearance, as he was noted as the first prime minister to employ a personal stylist. Stephen – we dig your sweet style.

Photo by: huffingtonpost.ca