5 of the Most Influential People Under the Age of 16

2:40 pm
1 Brooke Stevens
Ever wanted to leave your mark in this world? See what these extraordinary children have managed to do before even turning 16.

The fabric of human history has been imprinted with huge marks made by tiny people. Some of these people made a significant impact on the world as we know it. German composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, started his musical career at the astonishing age of 4; while Spanish painter Pablo Picasso painted one of the most famous paintings in Spanish history at the early age of 14.

Give it up to these 5 people under the age of 16, who are making their impact on the world as we speak.
If you haven’t heard of them yet, you better catch up:

Kieron Williamson – Painting the World with Water-Colors

Kieron Williamson, defined as a child prodigy, is a 14-year-old English water-color painter. Born and raised (well, still being raised) in Holt, Norfolk, Williamson has already made a name for himself as a promising artist. At the tender age of 6, his paintings have already inspired a wide interest in the English media. Slightly further along the line, in the impressive age of 7, he already launched his second exhibition; in which he raised £18,200 for 16 of his paintings, which sold out in an astonishingly short period of 14 minutes. You should definitely keep an eye out for this young man.

Tristan Pang – Educating the World, One TED Talk at a Time

Tristan Pang, yet another child prodigy, started reading and doing high school-level math exercises at the unbelievable age of 2. By the age of 12, Pang had already managed to deliver a TED talk, making him one of the youngest public-speakers in the world; he started his academic studies, and created a free online learning platform, called “Tristan’s Learning Hub.” Nowadays, having reached the old age of 15, Tristan continues his math and physics studies as the youngest student in the University of Auckland, planning his bright future as a scientist in the fields of quantum physics and time travel. In his spare time, Pang hosts his own radio show on PlanetFM called “Youth Voices.”

Child Painter

Quvenzhané Wallis – Acting Out the World’s Drama

Quvenzhané Wallis is an American actress, most famous for her role in the film Beast of the Southern Wild, for which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress. Wallis is officially the youngest actress ever, and first person born in the 21st century to receive the respectable award. Wallis was only 9 while winning the award, and only 6 during the time of its filming. By the age of 11, Wallis had also been nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a motion picture, and became the face of Armani Junior, Giorgio Armani’s children line. With such an impressive record at the age of 13, many great things are surely yet to come for this promising young lady.

Alma Elizabeth Deutscher – Composing the World’s Soundtrack

Alma Elizabeth Deutscher, another child prodigy, is an 11-year-old English composer, pianist and violinist. Deutscher started to compose original music when she was only 5 years old. Having completed her first piano sonata at the age of 7, she proceeded to write her opera, The Sweeper of Dreams; and by the age of 9, had already wrote a concerto for violin and orchestra. Presently, Deutscher is waiting upon the European premiere of her first full-length opera, to be set in Vienna in December 2016. One thing we can safely assume – such a talented young musician, will definitely leave her mark in history.

Ayan Qureshi – Programming the World’s Computers

More in the prodigy department: Ayan Qureshi, a Pakistani-born computer genius, became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional when he successfully passed Microsoft’s official certification exam in 2014 – being only 5 years old. Interestingly enough, the previous record was also held by a fellow-Pakistani, Mehroz Yawar, who passed the exam at the age of 6 (can we get some of what they put in their water over there?). At the age of 6, Qureshi was nominated for Young Achiever award at the British Muslim Awards. Currently, Qureshi is busy upholding his self-built computer network, and spends the rest of his time studying Microsoft’s operating systems. Perhaps the multinational technology company will have a chance to win an exceptionally young CEO sometime in the near future.

Child Musician