7 People You’ve Probably Never Heard of, and have Changed the World

2:21 pm
1 Rob Ashley
Scientists and inventors change our world on regular basis, but we’re not always aware of the people behind the discoveries that make our lives better. Here are 7 people whose work changed our world, yet most people don’t remember who they are.

Philo Farnsworth, Wizard of the Small Screen

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People remember who invented the telephone, and the person who introduced us to the gramophone. But, can you name the inventor of the Television? Philo Farnworth is the man behind a machine that nearly every home has, and yet has gone obscured by most people.

Lise Meitner, Mother of Fission

If you look all the way down, at the bottom of the periodic table you’ll find an unassuming element called “meitnerium.” It’s named after the scientist who first discovered that nuclear fission is a thing, while everyone else thought it was just an impractical theory. Meitner’s colleagues received the Nobel prize, but she was kept off the list of laurites, an unjust snubbing of the woman who made nuclear energy possible.

Kia Silverbrook, the Inventive Aussie

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Kia Silverbrook is the most prolific inventor in the history of the human race. Starting at the tender age of 19, Silverbrook had created countless patents and inventions used in digital music and video, computer graphics, robotics, 3D printing, DNA analysis, cryptography, nanotechnology, and more. Silverbrook’s inventions have been essential to many hi-tech products, and still, only a few people know his name.

Rosalind Franklin, Building Our Building Blocks


Rosalind Franklin was the woman who made it possible for humanity to understand how DNA is structured. Thanks to her work, we know far more about the building blocks of our bodies, and about viruses. However, she was only credited for her work after death, and even today, very few know of her.

Maurice Hilleman, the Vaccine Machine

Maurice Hilleman is the person in charge of the development of over 40 vaccinations, including eight of the 14 vaccines recommended in most countries. Hilleman is the reason measles and mumps are no longer a massive cause of death in the world, but almost no one remembers him.

Emmy Noether, Number Revolutionary

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Albert Einstein called her “the most important woman in the history of mathematics,” yet very few people know of her. During her long career, Noether fought hard to gain a footing within the male-dominant world of science, and ended up discovering several key advancements in mathematics and theoretical physics, which help scientists to this day.

Ajay Bhatt, Master of Computer Ports

Ajay Bhatt is responsible for many modern technologies, but one is particularly famous: The USB port. Bhatt ‘s status as the co-inventor of the USB made him a minor celebrity within the halls of Intel, but outside his company he is pretty much unknown.