5 Most Financially Helpful Hip-Hop Songs

10:19 am
1 Brooke Stevens
Interested in smart financial-management advice? Here are 5 hip-hop songs that you have to listen to.

Kanye West – Gold Digger

To sum up the West doctrine of finances – the key to remaining rich is forgetting everything you’ve ever known about love. According to this Grammy award-winning rapper – materialistic is the new romantic. To keep your fortune unharmed, here are two things West advises you should do: 1. stay away from attractive, greedy-looking partners; 2. stick to poor partners – because, who knows, they just might become rich the minute you decide to leave them.

Bottom line: You get to choose between “If you ain’t no punk – holla WE WANT PRENUP;” and “He gone make it to a Benz out of that Datsun.” Whichever strikes your economic fancy.

Kanye West
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Chamillionaire – Ridin’

Unlike Kanye West, who is a great enthusiast of intimate relationships – rapper Chamillionaire appears to be more of a cold-hearted individualist. Long story short: if the cops are after you – it’s not because you happen to have broken the law; it’s probably just because they’re jealous of you. Don’t let minor setbacks such as the police come between you and your financial success.

Bottom line: “They see me rollin’ – they hatin’; patrolling, they tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty.”

Blackstreet – No Diggity

Here’s Blackstreet’s economic two cents for you: If you wanna get yourself a rich and successful girl – you must become a rich and successful guy. According to this 90’s R&B group, there’s no way around it fellas; so, as another R&B artist, Rihanna, once put it in yet another financially helpful song: you better “work work work work work”.

Bottom line: “You got to pay to play, just for shorty bang-bang to look your way.”

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TLC – No Scrubs

This one’s an important female touch to our respected list. TLC is here to provide us with the female angle to Blackstreet’s suggestion. To the girls of this girl-group – a man’s heart is only as big as his bank account. Being the pragmatists that they are, they make it a rule to not even look in the direction of men who will not be able to provide for them. The TLC financial system might sound a little harsh – but you cannot blame it for being impractical.

Bottom Line: “Wanna get with me with no money? Oh, no – I don’t want no scrub.”

Destiny’s Child – Bills, Bills, Bills

As a direct continuation of TLC’s philosophy, the girls of this popular girl-group are here to offer advice to those who had already made the foolish mistake of falling for a “good for nothing type of brother.” If you weren’t alert enough to keep yourself from getting involved with one to begin with – don’t worry! Destiny’s Child has a solution for you. To keep your checking account balanced –  no more letting him drive around in your car and maxing out your credit card. Tell him he can either get a job or get out.

Bottom line: “Can you pay my bills? . . . I don’t think you do – so you and me are through.”

Destiny's Child
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