5 Dream Company Retreats

11:57 am
4 Brooke Stevens
Looking for a fun way to reward your employees? Here are 5 ideas that should make this year’s company retreat the best one yet.

A Vacation at the Beach

If you are planning your company’s retreat during summertime, keeping your employees close to the water would be a good idea. In that case, an ocean-view hotel can be a wonderful solution for you. While you’re at it – you might as well incorporate fun beach activities to go with your already awesome retreat!
Offer your employees some leisure activities such as beach tennis, beach volleyball, surfing lessons, or whatever activity that comes to mind. A friendly competition shouldn’t harm anyone; to the contrary – it might help give your workers the boost of energy they all need, and create a diversity of options for them to enjoy.

Beach Vacation

A Weekend in Barcelona

As a business owner, if you have some extra cash – there is probably no better, and, as research proves, no more productive way, to spend it than to use it to please your workers. Is there a better way to make your employees happy, than to send them on a weekend abroad at your expense?
If you’re looking for an ideal destination for a company retreat, Barcelona is undoubtedly it. In rather reasonable prices, this wonderful Spanish city should give you a welcoming weather, sandy beaches, outstanding architecture and, well, let us not forget the amazing food. As far as we know, well-fed workers are happy workers.


A One-Day Trip to a Destination of Your Choice

If you care for the well-being of your employees, and would like to give them the company retreat they deserve, but you are running a little low on your budget right now – have no fear! You can treat your employees to a fun day at the zoo, a trip to an amusement park or, for fans of high culture, a day at the museum. Also, a low-key retreat can be the perfect solution. This idea can allow you to split your budget, and provide your employees with multiple company retreats during the year instead of just one, which is no less effective in preserving your employees’ sense of gratitude and keeping them motivated.

Amusement Park

A Camping Trip

Well, this one’s not for the faint of heart. If you are a business owner who is familiar with their employees, and know them to be fans of adventures – this could definitely be a great idea for you. If you choose this type of retreat, it is important to make sure you take your employees on an organized and licensed camping site. Although the idea of a vacation in a random hut in the middle of nowhere may seem exciting in movies, in real life, most people would prefer a camping site that contains all the basic facilities, and preferably even some extra features such as electricity, a clubhouse and even a swimming pool. If you choose the right destination – both you and your workers should have a vacation you’ll never forget!


A Day at the Mall with a Personal Stylist

This may not be most people’s run-of-the-mill concept of a retreat, but nevertheless – it can definitely be a valid one. Large companies would probably prefer not to go for that one, because to provide each employee with his or her own personal stylist and a shopping budget would be next to impossible with a large number of people. However, if you own a rather small, intimate company, and might be able afford it – this would be a great way to both break your workers’ routine, motivate them, and actually leave them with concrete items to remind them of how generous you’ve been to them for a long time to come. When one keeps wearing their company retreat to work – they are pretty much bound to remember it, whether they like it or not.