5 Signs that We Live in the future

2:37 pm
0 Rob Ashley
Our glasses can take pictures, our watches can tell our heart rate, and pretty soon our cars will drive themselves, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are 5 signs that the future is now:

Mechanical Organs

We Can Make Mechanical Organs to Replace Failed Ones

Our body do not come with spare parts, but thanks to technology, we are slowly finding ways to replace failed organs with artificial ones. There already been some successful attempts of grafting prostatic limbs capable of moving, but the real future lies in replacing internal organs. There are now implants that replace the function of a heart, bladders, and most recently, the pancreas. There may come a time when organ donations will no longer be necessary.


Photo by: wareable.com

We Have Machines That Can Read Minds

Telepathy may still belong to the realm of fiction, but our brain does give out signals that can be read by some devices. Using this idea, some startups offer devices that can detect when our brain is stressed, and are able to calm it down. There is even talk of using this technology to control our dreams! Other devices can map brain responses, teaching the machine to react to our thoughts much like a remote control. It may not be long before we can turn on the TV simply by thinking at it.

Neural network

We’ve Created Artificial Intelligence That Can Translate Almost as Good as Humans

Google Translate has been a great tool for lazy translators who don’t mind if something gets lost in translation from time to time. But Google wants its translator AI to be perfect, and it is getting closer by the day. Just recently, the company announced the production of Google Neural Machine Translation system, an artificial neural network capable of learning and improving its translating skills in real time. The system already comes close in accuracy to human translators, and it won’t be long before it matches them.

Photo by: Nasa.gov

We Can Grow Food in Space

Viewers of The Martian may recall how the main character was able to save himself by growing potatoes on Mars. In this case, the reality isn’t far from fiction, as astronauts on the International Space Station have been enjoying their own station-grown veggies for the last year. Currently, the astronauts only grow lettuce and other leafy greens, but that in itself is an incredibly important aspect for future space travel.

Photo by: porttechnology.org

Robots Help Us Clean the World

After over a century of industrialization, our world is in need of cleaning. Thankfully, robots can do a pretty good job at it. If the Roomba can clean our rooms, there’s no reason we can’t have bigger robots to make sure our seas, streets and parks are all sparkly clean. There are now swimming robots that can eat half a ton of plastic bags in one run, and junk picking robot to get rid of a lot of litter. These robots don’t get everything, but it’s a good start.