7 Simple and Hilarious Office Pranks

2:29 pm
4 Rob Ashley
Office pranks are a great way to foster a bond between office workers… And to keep them on their toes. We’ve gathered some simple, yet devious pranks that anyone can do, and probably won’t get you fired.



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The IT Revenge

Few people remember the weird keyboard shortcuts that remain part of the Windows code over the decades. The good old Ctrl+Alt+arrow key is a timeless classic to drive your co-worker to the brinks of insanity, as they try, in vain, to figure out why their screen turned sideways, or upside down. For extra points, you can invert mouse movements, so that they won’t figure out that their troubles have a simple solution.

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The Nick Cage

Another well-known classic allows you to make good use of your office printer. Nicolas Cage’s evocative face can really enliven the workspace. If you put it somewhere that’s normally hidden, you’ll probably hear the squeaks of joy as he is discovered! For extra fun, there is a chrome extension called nCage that can make the surfing experience far more radical as well.

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The Fake Birthday

The office fridge can be an excellent stage for some of your pranks. Get yourself a lavish and delicious birthday cake and put it in the fridge with a note saying “Please do not eat, this is for <coworker’s name> birthday.” The unassuming coworker will have people greeting them on their birthday all day long, and at the end of the day, you get to celebrate your genius with a nice cake.

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The Ghost Writer

Cubicles can get impersonal at times, but without these demo-offices, this excellent prank would not exist. Simply take your keyboard and wire it through the cubicle wall (or under the table if you’re sharing). When your coworker starts typing, it’s your turn to shine! Just type hidden messages to them, and see their reaction as they are led to believe their computer is haunted.

Fishy business
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Fishy Business

This one requires you to go out and get a couple of goldfish. Aside from fish, you should have everything you need right there in the office. Use plastic bags and tape to make a filing cabinet drawer into a water-proof container, add the fish and wait. Your coworkers will be shocked at first, but eventually they will probably thank you for finding a new office mascot.

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The Parrot

A great way to get under the skin of coworkers who are really in the zone. While they are typing away furiously, stand behind them, and get your head as close as you can to their shoulder without touching. Now just wait and smile silently until that coworker realizes someone is literally looking over their shoulder. Simple, yet effective. Our own office record is 7 minutes.

The No-Prank Prank

This one is great for psychology fans out there. Make sure everyone in the office knows how much you love pranking coworkers. Whenever someone leaves for the bathroom, let them come back and find you touching their coffee mug, or looking at their computer screen. Tell everyone how you just can’t wait for April Fools, and all about the epic pranks that you pulled on that day in the past. Here’s the twist: You won’t actually prank anyone at the office, ever. However, your coworkers will live in fear of you, awaiting a prank that will never come. Or will it?