5 Things You Should Never Do at The Office

1:10 pm
4 Rob Ashley
Working in an office has an unspoken social code that you definitely should not break. Unless you want to awake your coworker’s wrath. Here are five things you should not do when working in an office. That means you, Jeremy.

Reply All

Every once in a while, everyone gets one of those company-wide emails. The problem starts when one person has a question and chooses to include everyone in their query. The result is more often than not, a long chain of emails containing musing and problems that other employees have no need of knowing, and the occasional “STOP REPLYING TO ALL” written in all-caps. It’s far better if you just don’t start the chain reaction to begin with.


The Dreadded “When Are You Due”

It’s a common tale around many offices across the globe. This is one of those cases in which showing interest in people can cause a lot of awkwardness and hateful looks. Truthfully, there is absolutely no reason to ask a coworker if she’s pregnant, or when she’s due until she chooses to bring up the subject. A little mystery never hurt anyone.

Forgetting to Lower Your Devices’ Volume

We live in a world where we’re often bombarded with stimuli from all quarters. It’s not rare to receive a voice message, or a video from a colleague, nor have an ad play when opening a website. However, if you forget to make sure that the volume is all the way down, you run the risk of the entire office suddenly being very aware of your online surfing habits. Even if it’s just a loud ad, nothing can derail a train of thought more than a sudden loud noise that nobody expects.

Awkward Anger

Complaining about your boss or coworkers on social media

Many people like to air their grievances on Facebook or Twitter. However, you might want to avoid badmouthing people that you’re going to see every day at work. Not only is it very likely to get back to them, it’s somewhat passive-aggressive. If you’ve got a problem with someone in your office, you’re much better off resolving the issue trough conversation than by going online to whine about it.

Meeting before Coffee

meetings are a necessary evil. Chances are you’re going to at least one every week. But if you’re the one calling the meeting, for the love of god, let your coworkers have enough time before the meeting to get to work comfortably, check their emails, make their schedules, and most importantly – drink their coffee. The world just seems better with caffeine coursing through one’s veins, and you’ll get more done in the meeting while avoiding drawing the ire of you tired office mates.

Sleepy meeting