5 Real Life Dream Houses

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2 Rob Ashley
There are some outrageously expensive and luxurious homes out there, proving that there’s no limit to comfort if you’ve got money. Here are some of them.


This week, Villa Les Cèdres, a €1 billion mansion in the south of France, was put to sale. The mansion now holds the record for the world’s highest listed price for a property. It comes with an Olympic sized pool, gardens that require 50 full-time gardeners to maintain, a ballroom, and stables that can fit 30 horses. The size and luxury made us think of some of the other wildly luxurious houses around the world.

Photo by: investicniweb.cz
Photo by: investicniweb.cz

Barbie’s Dream Mansion

Barbie is known for being a poor feminist role model, but also for living the good life. The Barbie Dream Malibu Mansion was built to celebrate the popular doll’s 50th anniversary. If you don’t mind pink, you’ll find a 3,500 square foot house, with a view of the Pacific Ocean. The living quarters come with a walk-in closet that already stores 50 pairs of pink high-heel shoes and a garage with a pink Volkswagen Beetle waiting for a joyride. There’s also a $200,000 portrait of Barbie by Andy Warhol, as well as several other works of art inspired by the famous doll.

Photo by: laist.com


If you ever wanted a skyscraper all to yourself, look no further. Known as the most expensive house in India, this Mumbai vertical palace is one of the most incredible dwellings in the world. It has 27 stories, each built to different specification, so that you’ll never be bored of the décor. Inside you will find every luxury known to man, from indoor pools to huge ballrooms illuminated by crystal chandeliers. The house belongs to the fifth-richest man in the world, Mukesh Ambani, and is considered to be the most expensive private dwelling on the planet.

Photo by: listsurge.com

Updown Court

This a modern version to the kingly palaces that England is famous for. The house just screams luxury, with 103 rooms, five swimming pools and 24-carat-gold leafing on the study’s mosaic floor. For entertainment, there is a squash court, bowling alley, tennis court, and a 50-seat screening room. The garage was made to fit eight limousines, presumably one for each day of the week, plus one for a special occasion. If limousines aren’t your thing, you can always use the helipad. It’s also quite close to Windsor Castle, so you’ll get to say you have the Queen as a neighbor!

Photo by: marvin-architectural.co.uk

Castel Valer

If you’re more of a romantic, you might think that a medieval castle is the perfect house for you. Castel Valer in Italy has been part of the scenery since the 1200’s, which has only gotten better with time. The castle has 80 rooms, fully furnished with one-of-a-kind carved wood furniture, antique chandeliers and venetian mirrors. You’ll have a view of the 18.5 acres of terraced gardens, orchards, and a forest, which are part of the property. If that’s not enough, the location is also close to a luxury ski resort.

Photo by: iltreninodeicastelli.it

Acqua Liana

If you want your luxury to also be environmentally friendly, this Florida mansion might be exactly what you need. The three-story palace is powered by enough solar panels to cover a baseball court, and a water system designed to fill the pool without any wastefulness. All this eco-friendliness doesn’t mean you should skimp on the luxury. The mansion features 7 bedrooms, 11 baths, floating sun terraces, a waterfall spa with a fire feature in the water, and an arched aquarium wet bar. It’s also close to the Atlantic Ocean, just in case you don’t feel like swimming in your pool.

Acqua Liana
Photo by: frank-mckinney.com