CES Provides a Glimpse into the Future

2:00 pm
1 Ariel Andersen
The Consumer Electronic Show held annually in Las Vegas offers a sneak peek into the future as viewed by tech industry leaders

The Consumer Electronic Show held annually in Las Vegas, is one of the world’s largest geek-fests of recent decades. With some of the industry’s largest tech companies seizing the opportunity of presenting their most advanced creations, the CES has become synonymous with innovation. Moreover, it offers a sneak peek into the future as viewed by industry leaders.

Roaming the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, visitors can find everything from contemporary electronic gadgets, to assisting robots and flying drones. However, two of the most interesting products showcased in this this year’s conference were the Chevy Bolt EV and the various Virtual Reality headsets offered by top gaming industry manufacturers.

Photo by: news.discovery.com

Indeed, auto-manufacturers held a substantial part of the conference’s presence with most of the industry’s big names presenting their vision and ideas for what a connected car really means. General Motors unveiled its Chevy Bolt EV, which is a compact electric car with an estimated market value of $30,000. With this creation, General Motors is addressing two major issues regarding electric vehicles; price and range. Thus, it is predicted to be a game changer in their competition against Tesla Motor’s vehicle, Model S.

However, the true ground-breaking product of the CES is undoubtedly the Virtual Reality headset. Offered by leaders of the gaming industry, the various headsets introduced by Samsung, Facebook’s Oculus, HTC and Sony were certainly the showstoppers that enabled visitors a glimpse into the future. Of course, at this point, VR mostly serves the gaming industry, but it is a window to the ocean of possibilities this feature actually holds.

Virtual Reality
Photo by: cityam.com

The Consumer Electronic Show has been taking place since 1967. Initially, it kept a low profile, but it has become a huge deal in recent decades, and has featured some of the world’s most innovative, ground-breaking technology and lectures by tech industry leaders. In 2001, when Plasma TV debuted, Microsoft featured its Xbox, and in the 2008 CES, Bill Gates, who gave the keynote speech, announced his retirement from Microsoft, and then presented a skit featuring what his last day at the office would be like. Later on, during the 2010 conference, many Tablets, and Android Devices were introduced to the world, and then came 2015, which without a doubt was the year when the phrase The Internet of Things became a commonly used term, spoken by everyone.

Indeed, the CES had become an alternative expression of innovation, and a place in which new and exciting – even life-changing – new ideas come to life.