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Weekly Round-Up: Top 5 News Stories of the Week

It’s been a busy week. From Hollywood’s most famous landmark changing its look, to China’s mysterious issue with the New York Times. Here are 5 news stories that you just can’t miss.

2 Rob Ashley






Main Quote

“The only way you learn is by failure”

Debbie Reynolds

Farewell to a Princess: Carrie Fisher Dies at 60

Carrie Fisher portrayed one of the strongest female roles in pop culture and survived drug addiction, bipolar disorder and an affair with Harrison Ford. But it seems that 2016 was too much for the beloved actress.



17,985.77 -0.24% 44.08 DJIA

2,110.30 +0.61 12.85 S&P 500

6,888.90 -0.13% 9.18 FTSE 100

18,264.79 +0.36% 65.62 Nikkei 225

With a Few Tweets, Trump Managed to Shame Companies Out of Foreign Investments

General Motors and Ford found themselves under the ire of the boisterous President Elect. Stocks fell and accusations were thrown. But it seems that the tactic is working.


Bitcoin Value Soars Above $1000 – Thanks to China

Bitcoin is once again popular. The cryptocurrency started the New Year with a bang, and rose to a two-year high on the first day of trading, which was January 1st. The main reason for Bitcoin’s fast rise in value is Chinese traders’ concerns that new taxes would be levied against foreign currency exchange in 2017. […]