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April 16, 2015

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EU Could Hit Google With $5.3 Billion Fine!

Shop Google After years of preliminary paperwork and media coverage, the European Union has finally filed a formal anti-trust complaint against Google. This story began when e-commerce sites like Microsoft and Expedia complained to the EU that Google's search engine practices were "hurting their business." After investigating the matter further, financial analysts warn that the EU could soon punish Google with a 10% fine of their 2014 revenues (that's $5.3 billion of 2014's $52.5 billion of revenue). But, Google will not give up without a fight. The case is expected to go to trial soon. In an online statement, Google says it is looking forward to "making its case over the weeks ahead," adding "While Google may be the most-used search engine, people can now find and access information... Read this article »

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